The good, the bad and the sweaty!

Photo: matheus-ferrero/unsplash

Photo: matheus-ferrero/unsplash

Ever wondered why we sweat?  

Our skin is actually the largest organ of detoxification on our body and sweating is a completely natural bodily process. We sweat to help regulate our body temperature. Sweating is also a way our body can excrete toxins. 

How do antiperspirants work? 

Anti-perspirants do exactly what it says on the tin - it stops us sweating. Or rather it blocks our glands so that the sweat and toxins that would naturally be excreted stay in our body. Over time these toxins can accumulate at the site from which they would normally be excreted, as you can imagine long term this can lead to tissue and cell damage and possible health conditions. 

Now days, there are such a wide range of natural deodorants on the market that you really are spoilt for choice. 

Being an advocate of natural deodorants and having tried many different ones over the years myself, the one that I find works the best for me is by a brand called Tisserand and it is the Tea Tree, Lemon and Rosemary one. The other which is a firm favourite and the one that I use most of the time, as it really works and contains no plastics is called Glory Pitts! Also, natural rock crystal deodorants are great (Tip: run them under water for them to work then apply to skin wet).  

This link contains a list of the top five worst ingredients found in deodorants. 

Louise Crooks