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women say

Amazing! Laura talked me through each stage and the reasons for the next step. I was taken on an educational journey that had immediate effects. It was hard with my busy lifestyle and I had to make some adjustments, but once I was in the rhythm it was easy to keep up. It has truly changed my outlook on how I eat and plan meals. As a result, my whole body feels rejuvenated and I can’t thank Laura enough.
— Ella Bowles, West Sussex
I was quite anxious when I arrived but found the session deeply relaxing. I don’t fully understand how it works but I can honestly say I felt physical effects during the session. Laura really does work some sort of magic with her crystals and I left feeling re-energised, centred and with a renewed sense of self.
— Alice, London
The weight loss sessions were all about retraining and educating our body and minds to balance our bodies weight and sugar levels. Laura is an amazing teacher. She doesn’t blind you with science  and  she explains everything to you in layman terms.  You’re in for a real treat!
— Liz Ely, London