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Are you constantly overthinking?

Do you feel stressed and anxious?

Do you struggle to get to sleep from an overactive mind?

Would you like to learn how to feel calm in stressful situations?

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Discover how meditation works on the body and mind.

Learn simple techniques to help you feel calm in situations that would often make you feel uneasy.

This meditation group is for anyone who has ever been interested in trying meditation but may not understand what it is or how it can be beneficial to them.

It’s for those of you who have ever felt a little overwhelmed by the idea of sitting still for a period of time and it’s most definitely for those of you who think: ‘ My brain is too busy, I could never meditate’.

As the saying goes ‘One must meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy – in that case - you should meditate for one hour’. Don’t worry though I’m not going to ask you to try and meditate for an hour!

What to expect


Understanding why and how something has an effect on the body gives you the motivation to continue doing it. 

The course starts with me explaining what meditation is and how it benefits your body at a physical level. We’ll then begin the actual meditation with two short 10 minute guided meditations. This will be increased each week as you begin to feel more comfortable with meditating.

Guided meditation means that you’ll be guided by my voice. I’ll get you to focus on something such as your breathing and then we’ll focus on different sections of your body to help release any HELD tension in CERTAIN areas. 

We often hold tension in our muscles without realising, this stops us from being able to fully relax. Once you bring awareness to those areas it helps your mind to let go more each time and ACHIEVE A DEEPER LEVEL OF RELAXATION.

What I won’t be doing is saying ‘hey, I want you to lie there for an hour and not think!’ If you tell the brain to stop thinking it does the complete opposite. That’s why I use specific guided meditations - it’s like someone guiding you through a new city when you don’t know the way. 




The top 5 misconceptions about meditation


The goal of meditation is to stop thinking. NOPE.

The goal of meditation is to observe your thoughts but not become attached to them. You simply start to see your thoughts as though you are watching a movie. You hold no judgement over them.

You can’t meditate because you don’t have time!

The point of this course is to give you the tools and understanding you need to be able to learn to meditate in your own time. Even 10 minutes a day has massive benefits for your mind and body.


You can’t meditate if you don’t know you’re doing it right!

The only WRONG way to meditate is to not do it at all! Meditation is pretty simple – you focus on one thing such as your breath or an image in your mind and when you notice your brain drifting off you just refocus on that image again.


It takes years to get any real benefit. NOT TRUE. 

This is why meditation is called a PRACTICE. To get the most benefit you need to meditate regularly. If you keep this up you’ll see the benefits in a matter of weeks.


To meditate you must have a calm mind. NOT AT ALL.

The busier your mind, the more you’ll benefit from regular meditation.



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Reduces stress

Reduces anxiety

Improved sleep

Feel calmer

Less reactive, more responsive

Increased energy

Enhances awareness

Feeling present

Lengthens attention span

Better concentration

Can decrease blood pressure