My journey


I wasn’t always into health, wellbeing and self discovery. I used to think life revolved around going to a job that I didn’t like to earn the money that I needed to go and party with my friends every weekend because I didn’t like my reality or who I was at the time. 

That went on from my teens right into my 30’s, until I finally started to listen to the voice deep within Yelling ‘STOP... what are you doing to yourself!’. And so once I hit 30 I started to slow down on the partying, by 33 I was ready to really focus on facing my fears and work out why I wasn’t happy and what was driving my destructive behaviour. 

I did A LOT of soul searching and dealt with many suppressed emotions of shame, bereavement and self-esteem issues. In reality what I was doing was breaking myself down to rebuild myself as the person that I always knew was hidden underneath all of the ‘stuff.’ 


My Qualifications  

In 2010 I qualified as a nutritional Therapist which was one of the most life changing things that I’ve ever experienced. It gave me such grounding and a sense of accomplishment.  The best part of doing the work that I do is seeing people achieve a level of wellness that they have not experienced for years or often even decades. Watching the empowerment they gain when they take control of their lives and wellbeing. That is what keeps me striving to do what I do and be the best possible me that I can be, so that I can continue this wonderous work. It’s my sense of purpose and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

I’ve since gone on to train in a therapy called Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a Pioneering approach to health and wellbeing that focuses on the underlying causes of disease and imbalance in the body rather than just focusing on each area as though it is not connected to anything else. It really takes a holistic approach. This module is used by both holistic practitioners and doctors around the world but it actually originated in the USA and was created by a group of medical doctors. 

Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching 

Through my years of experience working as a nutritional Therapist, I’ve very much changed the way that I work and now focus a lot on lifestyle coaching. As what drives us to make the choices we do (healthy or not) is how we feel about ourselves and how busy we are. So starting with making lifestyle changes is the best way to get results that are long lasting. 




I have noticed a major shift in the consciousness of the planet in the last few years especially – this has affected everyone, whether on a conscious or subconscious level. For me its driven me to delve much deeper into who I am and what I believe in. I have found a real connection to my spiritual self and nature. I have also found this yearning to connect deeper with individuals on a level that we do not often show the world. Our true selves. The person who you are when you do not feel the repression of societal beliefs.  

This is where I find I really step into myself. Connecting with people with no disguise. Holding space and allowing whatever needs to surface to come out.