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It is said there are no miracles, just undiscovered laws of physics.

In many science fiction movies crystals are often used by ancient civilisations to store information – in the super man movies, crystals store information for superman to find out about his past. In Star gate "control crystals" that are large hexagonal spheres, store information and are used to work with larger computers to perform many functions. 

As crazy and far-fetched as we think this sounds, in reality crystals are used in many everyday items that you've probably used more than once today already. You're using one right now.

Quartz watches have used quartz crystals in their watches for decades. Their function in these watches is to regulate the movement of the watch making them very precise, this happens as quartz crystals are able to maintain a precise frequency which regulates the energy frequency. Computers and even mobile phones have quartz crystals in for specific functions. 

As you read this, you're using the power of crystals to bring information to your fingertips.  

Without crystal technology a lot of the items we have today would not exist or function in the way that we know it.  


How do

crystals work?

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Crystals are used in technology as they produce vibrations at a specific frequency. What we do know, is that every living thing produces these same vibrations at different levels. 

People who have depression are known to vibrate at a lower energy frequency whereas people who are happy or in love vibrate at higher frequencies. 

This is where we believe that crystals can help heal your energy field - they help to increase the vibration of your energy which helps to make you feel happier and more at ease within yourself. When we're in more a positive frame of mind this has a knock-on effect to our physiology.

In basic terms, the happier you are the less likely you are to become unwell as the mind and body are connected. This is why stress, a psychological illness, can eventually manifest as physiological symptoms such as ulcers and IBS.


What to


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Laying on a massage table, crystals will be placed at various parts of your body that are known as chakras. Chakras are energy centres. There are 7 main chakras on the body and each one relates to a different form of energy we hold. For example the throat chakra is to do with speaking your truth, so if you often hold back on what you would truly like to say, you may find that you get a lot of throat issues, such as losing your voice. 

With crystal energy healing what we are trying to do is to rebalance the flow of energy through each chakra so that your energetic (vibrational body) is in alignment. 

Once you are in alignment and we have balanced any energetic blockages, you may start to experience feelings of being more calmer, have more energy and feel more aligned and peaceful within your life. 


Experience a higher vibrational field and the positive feelings it brings