Have you felt it? 

Your energy rising 

Awakening... Reclaiming who you once were... 

There have been major shifts in the consciousness of the planet over many, many moons. Women have started to reclaim their voice. They have come out of the shadows and allowed themselves to be seen, for all that we are, in our true beauty of Divine Feminine Power. 

We were once worshipped as goddesses as it is only women who could create life within them. We then went through the dark years, Persecuted for being healers, Herbalists, using our intuition and being able to connect with spirit. Our power was feared and so we were made to live in fear of our own divine feminine strengths and suppressed for centuries. 

In these current times of awakening we are finding our strength again and our voice. We are not holding back from being fierce for want of not being called too balchy. 

We are finding our true femininity and all that it means: 

  • Darkness/Light 

  • Feminine/Masculine

  • Fierceness/Sensitivity 

  • Strength/Vulnerability 

And everything that comes with owning your Divine Femininity. 


Come and join my tribe

Feel heard, be heard

Listen and support 

Be inspired

Feel empowered



Get back to the person who you truly are when you do not feel the repression of societal beliefs.